Mt Miller ski club for its 10th anniversary




Auberge Chic-Chac Inc is buying Mt Miller ski club for its 10th anniversary

The Mt Miller aquisition constitues a great addition to the service array of Chic-Chac and is a step forward in the implementation of their development strategy.

Murdochville, October 8th 2016 – Chic-Chac Inc just concluded an agreement for the acquisition of the Mount Miller Ski Club. This step is the logical follow-up in the enterprise’s development, which has not stopped growing up since 2006. This new project will bring variety to the Chic-Chac’s large range of activities.

Guillaume Molaison, CEO and new owner of the Miller Ski Club states: « The team here is very proud with this project because this will enhance the accessibility of winter sports for the people of Murdochville and the surrounding areas. » Indeed, the team wishes to diversify its customer base to bring families and the youth to practice backcountry skiing, and help them into their transition to this sport, which is the Chic-Chac’s speciality. Several services will be available on-site, such as childcare facilities, catering and equipment rental services as well as a bunch of thematic activities for the upcoming season.

The Chic-Chac team also intends to involve the youth into this new project. Opportunities will be available, such as internships and student jobs, to stimulate the youth and offer them a learning experience. This initiative is part of a sustainable development mindset that Auberge Chic-Chac’s team hopes to introduce in its community. Indeed, the company wishes to progress through partnerships rather then imposing their business process.

Finally, this major step will bring a lot of new things for the upcoming season, which will start very quickly. New packages, night time skiing, an extended season and an enhanced holiday programme. For more information, please contact us at (418) 784-3311