Mont Lyall

Lyall mountain


Lyall mountain in words

Mount Lyall is located along the wildlife reserve of the Chics-Chocs and it’s a 45 minutes drive from the Chic-Chac. Altitude is about 330 meters and was designed by Coop access Chic-Choc, so you can expect skiing smoothly due to the design of the slopes. Its orientation and terrain makes this terrain a prime location for deep powder days. Approach will take you about 45 minutes and consider another 45 minutes hike to get to the peak. Always make sure you are well equipped and informed by visiting the newsletter of the avalanche center prior to a visit because the out-of bound skiing risks.

Mont Lyall en Vidéo


* Please note that Mount Lyall is not served by any mechanized lift and it is better to form a group of at least 3 people to be secure. Please also note that the time to approach and mounted is estimated using touring skins. Add more time if your are using snowshoes.

Lyall in photos

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