Porphyre Mountain


Porphyre in words

Porphyre Mountain offers over 12 propers runs. An easy section has been developped for those seeking to learn a little bit more about the out of bound skiing that Murdochville has to offer. The terrain is not as steep as what you could fin on the York mountain, but is definately a must-do run, for anyone coming to Murdochville, since the Chic-Chac is locatde right next to it. a 15 mins approach, and an easy run back for lunch makes it hard to wish for more. Perfect location for begineers, and for more experimented skiers looking to have fun, without consequences.


Porphyre in video

Porphyre map and photos


Porphyre in numbers

  • 300 meters high
  • 2 major  powder fields
  • 12 tree runs
  • 7 meters of snow annually
  • Facing East, for a better retention and quality of snow