À la carte


À la carte
*Taxes are not included
– Motorized ski
Ski with motorized assistance
Snowmobile or Catski at mount Porphyre (including lunch) : 420$
Catski at mount York (including lunch) : 450$

Heliski one ride up: 195$ per person.

*Price per person, taxes not included.
– Non motorized guided ski
Guided ski without motorized assistance
One day with a guide (including lunch) : 195$

One day with a guide, 1 night and 3 meals : 285$
*Price per person, taxes not included.

Equipment rental
Skis : 37,50$
Skis with a package : 25,50$
Climbing skins : 12,50$
Skis + climbing skins : 44$
Snowshoes : 14$
Avalanche beacon + Shovel + Probe : 29$
* Prices per day, taxes not included.
– Accommodation and meals
Accommodation and meals
Comfort occupancy**: 100$ per person/per day.
Economic occupancy**: 85$/person/day.
*Taxes are not included.

Accommodation only
Comfort occupancy**: 65$/person/day
Economic occupancy**: 45$/person/day
*Taxes are not included

Meals only
Breakfast : 10$
Lunch : 15$
Dinner : 25$
* Price per person, taxes not included.

Avalanche rescues classes
Economic occupancy (2 nights, 6 meals included): 390$
Confort occupancy (2 nights, 6 meals included): 420$
Avalanche rescue classes only: 250$ (min group size required = 4)
*Taxes are not included

More Infos
*Helmets and backpacks are mandatory
*Avalanche beacons, probe and shovel, are included with the purchase of a skiing package.
**Comfort occupancy : Maximum of two people in a room. At least a double bed per individual or a private room with a double bed per couple.
Economic occupancy : Maximized number of bed places. Possibility of two individuals in a double bed, an individual in a single bed or two couples in a two double bed room, according to availability.
Rooms are never shared between different groups.

In order to book your stay, you must make a deposit of a third of the total ammount of your order, either by credit car (Visa or Mastercard) or personnal cheque by calling the Chic-Chac. The balance of your bill, including any addition or modification, will have to be paid on site before the end of your stay.
Modification or cancellation of your reservation
Any modification is accepted 48 hours before the planned date of arrival depending on availability. For any cancellation made 48 hours in advance, the deposit of 20% of the total amount of your order will be refunded at the end of the current season (A 10% administrative fee is kept if another trip isn’t booked during the ongoing season). If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance, the deposit won’t be refunded.

Chic-Chac policy
The Chic-Chac keeps the right to cancel or modify any motorized skiing trip in case of too high risks, bad weather or mechanical dysfunction regardless of the time remaining before the start of the trip. Any outing cancelled or modified by the Chic-Chac could be rescheduled before the end of the current season depending on availability.
The Chic-Chac gives itself the right at any time to withdraw from the activity a participant who does not have the skills deemed necessary by the guide. A participant who demonstrates that he or she does not have the necessary skills will get a refund covering two thirds of the amount paid for the ski only. The Chic-Chac gives itself the right at any time to withdraw from the activity a participant who doesn’t respect the security orders. This participant wouldn’t get any refund regardless of the time of withdrawal.